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Access Control

Security is about more than surveillance. Knowing and controlling exactly who can access every part of your property can take your security system to the next level.

No matter how simple or complex you want your access control to be, our experts can handle it. Whether you need additional security at home, such as a PIN pad to a safe room, or require many levels of access permissions for your business and employees, we can install the perfect system for you.

Choosing Ziocam will give you complete control over who is allowed access to your premises, where they are allowed access, and precisely when they are allowed access. From key cards, to PIN pads, to biometric scanners, secure your property with the latest and most reliable access control technology. In addition, our solutions enable you to electronically track and record all entries and exits through a certain point, and all access denials, so you can have complete oversight of all movement on your premises.

Choose Ziocam, and ensure total control over your property.

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