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Become a Ziocam affiliate.

A primary concern of new property owners is security, and ensuring their new property is safe. Ziocam are the experts in installing tailored surveillance solutions in homes and businesses. By working with us, you can quickly resolve the security concerns of your clients.

But the benefits don’t stop there – you will also receive a free fully functioning surveillance and security website that will produce great commissions. Any purchases made by someone through your Ziocam website guarantees a payment to your business:

  • Direct link tracking: an accurate system to ensure you receive a referral anytime someone clicks to our website from your page. So if that person buys anything, you receive commission.
  • Lifetime commissions: any referral from you to our website ties this particular customer to us. So whenever that customer returns in the future, you receive a payment (even if they’re upgrading their security 10 years from now!).
  • Recurring commissions: we will soon be offering services that require recurring payments, and this will enable us to pay commissions to you for any referred customers who pay for these services.

Best of all, it is completely free for you. You never spend a penny. You can offer the best in security and surveillance to your clients, and collect commissions from us. Make your clients feel safe, and earn money while doing it. Perfect.

  • Enhance your real estate service by offering Ziocam’s solutions.
  • Ensure the peace of mind and satisfaction of your clients.
  • Earn commission from your customers for a lifetime.
  • Immediate receive your very own fully functional security and surveillance website


Benefits to your business

Ziocam will add another dimension to the service you are able to offer your clients. As soon as you are an affiliate, your business can offer a market-leading security service that allows property owners to quickly create a tailored security system. You could present your customers with an easy solution to all of their security concerns, helping to ensure their satisfaction in your business.

But the benefits don’t stop there - you can also earn great commissions. Any purchases made by someone referred by you guarantees a payment to your business:

Customer satisfaction, and increased revenue for your business. It’s win-win.


Why work with Ziocam?

We are different. We make security simple. A seamless and straightforward customer experience is our absolute priority. We provide a service that allows customers to design a security solution online in minutes, tailored precisely to their needs, using the most advanced video surveillance devices.

By making Ziocam part of your business, you would be offering your clients the most cutting edge security installation service. Finding the best way to secure property is a headache for customers in an industry awash with complex and drawn-out quoting processes, unclear and unfair pricing, and solutions that don’t fit the precise needs of the individual. We remove this complexity and make security easy.

Long story short: you will be working with the best.


Our other services

Our primary focus is surveillance equipment, but our expertise extends to infrastructure wiring, access control, and security alarms. From monitoring a property remotely or controlling access throughout a premises, to installing alarms or designing a data center, we are the experts.

Whatever the needs of your client, we’ve got it covered.


How to get started

Becoming an affiliate with us is easy. Simply click the button below and fill out a few necessary details. Once you are all signed up, you can sit back and we handle the rest. Any time someone goes to your website, the customer is automatically tracked, and commission automatically paid to you.

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