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Security Alarms

Monitoring your property is important, but being alerted to possible danger or intrusion is also a key element in any complete security solution. Therefore, beyond surveillance equipment, we are also experts in alarms and alerts.

With our expertise here, we can ensure intruders or trespassers are completely deterred from attempting to enter your premises. We enable you to tailor such a system 100% to your needs, with any combination of motion sensors, sirens, buzzers, alarms, and lights. Used in parallel with our other services, these devices will ensure a fully integrated, watertight security system. Buzzers can be triggered when a PIN is incorrectly entered, lights turned on when a sensor has been activated, sirens sounded when cameras detect movement outside of business hours, and so on. We offer a truly 360 degree security service.

Furthermore, with remote monitoring, you are alerted to triggered sensors or alarms from wherever you are in the world. So you can be certain of the safety of your property and possessions at all times. Even if the safety of your home or business is compromised whilst you are away, our solutions enable you to respond to potential intrusions in real-time.

Choose Ziocam, and make your security system the ultimate deterrent.

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